Message from Frank Iero

HELLo Friends, Happy Danger Day!

I cant believe it's finally here. It's hard for me to express in words alone how excited we are that this record is finally being unleashed upon the world. All of our hard work, blood, sweat, and fears released into the atmosphere for your collective amusement. It was an arduous journey to say the least and yes, there were some casualties... at times it seemed the record itself would not get out alive. But as long and difficult as the process became, it was always twice as much fun and definitely worth our while.

Over the past few months we have been asked on many different occasions to describe what kind of album we were making. The descriptions changed over time, as did the record. At first our instinct was to write a love letter to rock and roll, an entity that inspired us and gave us the opportunity to express our true selves. We later found out the best way to love rock and roll was to set out to destroy it, and the record then became a missile pointed directly at the genre. Today when I listen back to what was captured on those uncommonly cold summer evenings in California, I hear a band growing up, evolving, fighting back, and having the time of their lives doing so. Danger Days is the soundtrack to raging against the death of the creative spark.

We are a generation told not to try too hard. The world is going to shit, so why break a sweat? We are reminded daily not to trust our gut or follow our hearts, your dreams are unattainable and unrealistic... the band almost fell victim to this "just good enough" mentality and would have never been able to forgive ourselves. You, the fans, deserved better and us as artists deserved better.

Fear is the eternal enemy. If they can keep you scared, they can keep you controlled. We too came face to face with this saboteur, and found the strength to break through and carry on. We are here as a reminder that the world is not better off without you...these are dangerous days we live in and you, the artists, are our last defense.

Art is the Weapon.

Your Imagination is the Ammunition.
Stay Dirty, and Stay Dangerous.
Create and Destroy as you see fit.
Embrace your Originality.
The Aftermath is Secondary.
You can and should do Anything.

In conclusion friends, if you take anything away from this record, please let it be the strength to be passionate.

Love what you do and who you truly are. Be willing to die for it. If you are true to yourself, you can never go wrong. And remember when life gives you lemons, MCR says start a fucking band.

xofrank "
Posted on 23 Nov 2010 by Mau
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